Advents Podcast: Cobinhood – the Exchange without fees

An Exchange without fees? Cobinhood is the first crypto exchange that is not financed by trading fees. Co-founder Popo Chen explains how this works.

For the Christmas season we provide you with Bitcoin profit

For every Advent Sunday we publish a special episode of the Bitcoin profit Podcast in English. Here is the review by onlinebetrug. This week our guest is Popo Chen, co-founder of the Börse Cobinhood and the Dexon Foundation.

Popo Chen is a serial entrepreneur from Asia. Before he made his entry into the world of blockchains, he raised several start-ups and then sold them on. In 2017, he became aware of crypto currencies and started trading himself. But he soon noticed the inconvenience of the stock markets. So he looked into his next venture and founded Cobinhood.

The special thing about Cobinhood is that users don’t have to pay fees on trades. So what does the business model look like? You’ll find the answer in the first part of the BTC-ECHO podcast.

The Dexon Foundation is another crypto project that focuses on innovation. Accordingly, the vision is to reshape the future of the Internet through decentralized technologies. With a new consensus mechanism and a new data structure, the Blocklattice, Dexon wants to solve the bottlenecks of a conventional blockchain, such as Bitcoin’s.

The new blockchain will be used to create a new Bitcoin profit structure

In the second part of the Bitcoin profit podcast, Popo Chen outlines what this decentralized future could look like. Read more in the Bitcoin profit review. After listening to the podcast, you can send us your questions and comments by email.

Alternatively, you are welcome to join our BTC-ECHO Discord channel. Here you can find everything about memes, video recommendations, chart analyses and philosophical discussions. See you there and next week.

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